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I got 3 for myself; my daughter liked them so much I'm getting 3 for her!

Joan French – Augusta, Maine


Woo-hoo! My Cami-bands arrived today and I have already tried a few on! I am currently wearing the black lace one under my V-neck Spanx top that I always had to wear backwards! These are really awesome and thank you for the expedited order! Now THAT was really fast! And very much appreciated since I was dying to get these. You’ll be hearing from me again. I think these will be making great gifts for me to give! Again, thank you so much for such speedy service for this fabulous product! A Camiband is exactly what is meant by the phrase: “Necessity is the mother of invention!” You’re ingenious! It’s not only a great idea, it actually works! I am so happy to have one of each color...and I haven’t even tried using it the other 2 ways yet!

Deb Palombo – Tampa, Florida


We spoke on Friday about the cream lace camiband to be sent to NC for a bridesmaid dress I'm wearing on Saturday.  The package arrived today (phew :)) and I am SO pleased with the camiband. It fits really well, looks really tasteful and beautiful with the dress and the cream color perfectly matches the shawl and shoes I have. So I wanted to say thank you so much for your assistance and for your product.

Kristen Downs – Carborro, North Carolina


I just received my first camiband in the mail yesterday. I had so much fun trying it on with just about every top in my loset. Some tops I haven't worn in ages have sparked my interest again!

 Angela Fox – Massillon, Ohio


My daughter's dream dress for her High School prom dance had a plunging neckline that was a bit too revealing. Thanks to Camibands, she was able to wear the dress and go to the ball as a beautiful and modest Cinderella. Happy girl. Happy Mom. Happy day!! I didn't discover the Camibands until one day before the dance. I called the company and the owner was so nice. She gave me great color suggestions, and shipped it overnight. The white lace looked beautiful with the dress. I am so impressed with the quality and the versatility of the Camibands product! I can't wait to order more colors. I highly recommend this company and this wonderful product!

Holly Abel – Bountiful, Utah

Just happened to run across your website while searching for something to fill the gap in a low cut, strapless and sleeveless dress. Camiband was just what I needed. Fit perfectly. Looked great. Quality material. It was comfortable and stayed in place. Love, love, love this product and its versatile uses!

Kimm Milner - Greensborough NC


Hi Holly!!! Today I received the order!!! My camibands look fabulous and they're true to size (*_~) Thank you very much. I'm in love with them all! Like I said before: You should do a camiband in red color, when you have it, let me know! It was a pleasure to do business with you!!! Many thanks again and again! XOXO

Yanis Rivera – Bayamon, Puerto Rico


First I'd like to congratulate you on your stellar customer service. Your product truly does as it promises and fits as it should. I may purchase another in a smaller size to just use up top, but otherwise the fit is fine. It is VERY comfortable, but still stays put. Best of all, it is made in the U.S.A.! The Cami-band is an awesome wardrobe fixer and sure to be a staple for many women.

Amy Cairo – Orlando, Florida


I ordered 6 L/XLG camibands and even tho I loved them I wondered if the M/L would fit better. I didn't want to return the bigger sizes until I had a chance to try on the smaller ones. I decided to order the M/L and then return the ones that didn't fit. The M/L do fit perfectly so I returned the L/XLG and kept the M/L . This all took place in a WEEK. Talk about customer service! This is the way it SHOULD be. Thanks Holly. Oh, I forgot to say, the camibands are quality too!!!!!

Stevie Boccaccio Graves – Littleton, Colorado


Best invention ever!

Margaret Corsello – Windermere, Florida


Just received my first three Camibands in the mail today and I am very excited about them. They all three look terrific with v-neck dresses and tops, and are so perfect for a short (5'1/2"), large-busted (32FF) woman for whom v-necks usually reveal too much cleavage! Thanks again for a wonderful product!

Linda Franklin – Lake Oswego, Oregon


Got a black S/M CamiBand and LOVE it for under one of my favorite V neck tops...makes my outfit a little less revealing so now I can wear it to client meetings and feel "proper." GREAT idea, Holly! So glad you acted on your concept and brought it to life! :))

Kendra Kroll – Chicago, Illinois


I received my Camiband today!!!! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!! it is so pretty, and so comfortable, and just perfect!!!!! A very classic, and classy product - love it!! now to decide on another color!!!

Linda M. Danoff – Farmingdale, New York


Do you know why I need these? I have D/DD tatas, and I’m short waisted, so any top that flatters my shape (i.e., av-neck) shows too much cleavage. And, I have to buy a larger top to fit my chest, so these tend to show the sides of my bra (through the arm hole). These have been a GOD SEND. I am so, so happy with them because now I can wear the tops that look best on me!

Kelly Johnson – Nanuet, New York


"The Ultimate Wardrobe Extender" - it's true! I have 3 new Camibands that gave me at least a dozen new wardrobe options! Very clever concept! Thank you Holly!

Shelly Pearlberg – Oceanside, New York


Hi. The first time I wore my CamiBand a cashier at Bed Bath and Beyond said she liked my shirt. I told her that it's actually a CamiBand under the shirt and explained about you and how it can be worn and gave her the website. I was so excited!

Elena Spinelli – Monroe Township, New Jersey


I am looking forward to using these. In fact, I may leave some pamphlets out at parent-teacher conferences. I'm tired of seeing "cracks" in the classroom. :)

Jane Rivette – Bloomfield, Colorado


I had originally ordered a product called Cami Secret and have been waiting over a month for that order. I went online to check if other people have had the same issue and they have. I cancelled that order and a person at another site suggested your product instead. Thank God for the internet.


Cynthia Curinton – Orlando, Florida


I saw a review of the Camiband on-line from a magazine article and ordered and received my first one. It's JUST what I wanted and I'm so happy to order more!!! I can’t get over how finding your product made me so happy!!! More power to you for finding a really lovely solution to a clothing issue that I found amazingly vexing until I stumbled upon that little article that led me to you.


Anita Redner – Chestnut Hill, MA


On May 4th I ordered a set of 5 Camibands. On Mother's Day, May 9th, my Mom passed away. The next day as I was looking for black tops to wear for the wake and funeral, I was distraught to find that many of my tops were too “low cut”. That same day I picked up my mail and found that the shipment of Camibands had arrived. I quickly tried on a black Camiband with my black blouse and it looked stunning. Thank you for saving the day. (I can’t wait to receive my second order for my daughter. It looks as though it has been shipped already!).


Rose Mary Mark - Smithtown, N.Y.


I recently purchased a Black Camiband & I LOVE it! I’ve always had issues with blouses & sweaters that are a bit too revealing for work. I’ve tried other solutions but nothing has worked as well as your Camibands. I’m back for more colors. Thanks for bringing such a wonderful product to the marketplace!

Joy Brott - Platte City, Montana


I really do love your Camibands. I already ordered one in cream, and I love it so much that I am ordering it in every color. My roommate saw me wearing it all the time and now she wants to order a couple of them! Thanks for making the perfect product for us girls!!!

Carolyn Oh – Rockville, Maryland


Thanks! You were right, though, about advising me on the sizing and my M/L’s fit great-I love them. Please let me know when you do other fabrics and colors. I use it for my top and I am a 34G. Works great and solves my “problem” of gapititus!

Julie K.- Naples, Florida


Have been looking for lace tube tops forever, and there you were! The other companies seem to only make them for tween or teen sizes.

Maria DiNardo – Pittsburgh, PA


Hi Holly, Yes, the Camiband is perfect. Both at the chest and the hips. It is really such a great idea. It definitely fits size 14 fine. My bra size is 38 D. I'm wearing your Camiband now. It looks good, and it feels so comfortable (what, no more plumber's crack! Ha Ha). Holly, you have created a better world for everyone's eyes to see!!!!!! (or not see) . Seriously, I feel very fashionable.... thanks're a doll!!

Kim Pinkiert - Oceanside, NY


Help! My teenage daughter keeps taking my Camibands. I’m not allowed to borrow anything of hers, yet she doesn’t seem to have a problem borrowing these from me. I’m back to get her some of her own, so hopefully mine stay in my drawer!

Joanne Lifavi - Brightwaters, NY


Very much looking forward to my Camibands. I will be using them for many purposes - but I will be using them for a purpose not listed on your website that you may be interested in. Now it's summer, a lot of dresses for the girls my age (22) seem to be low cut at the back as part of the design. Unfortunately, I have a larger bust so I have to wear a bra all the time which has prevented me from buying these slightly lower cut dresses at the back, until now! Your Camiband seems like the perfect solution to cover up the back tastefully!

Danielle Sebire - Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK


Holly--I’m so happy to see the L/XL up on your website! This is a surprise for my sister, I’m sure she’ll love her Camiband as much as I love mine. Have a wonderful day!

Joy Brott - Platte City, Montana


Hi...I was just about to order Cami Secret...when I read some awful reviews... I am excited to buy from you... PLUS yours are made in the USA...glad to pay extra for that alone!

Cori Connor – Lynnfield, Massachussets


I'm sorry I haven't emailed sooner.....I LOVE MY CAMIBANDS....So many tops I can wear to work that I could only wear on weekends.......thankyou thankyou thanyou.

Jodie Guareschi – Hugo, Minnesota


A friend from the US brought me some, they are wonderful. 2 of these are for my daughter.

Ann Stebbing – Champange La Riviere, France


Holly I am OBSESSED with my Camibands; I LOVE comfy and pretty, thank you!!!

Wendi Cooper – Long Beach, NY


I would like to take this time to express my gratitude for your professionalism, customer service, and product quality. You demonstrated a high level of kindness, patience and compassion, to address my needs. I will refer your organization to family members and friends. Thank you.

Janice Russell – Brooklyn, New York


I recently purchased the beautiful Camibands. I love the elegant, scalloped edge and the soft, comfortable, smooth lace! It stylishly enhances the look of most of my low cut tops and dresses, at the same time it covers my chest scar. Although the lace is sheer, the pattern conceals my scar completely. I would highly recommend this product as a basic staple in every woman's wardrobe. Thank-you so much for putting this product together and thereby helping me and so many women!

Elizabeth Higgins – San Jose, CA


My name is Carol and I am writing a short comment on the great look and comfort of the Camiband. I have two of them and wear them often, especially under a blouse or top with a low cut in the bodice. I love accenting a black outfit with the hot pink Camiband. It gives me, a proud Grandma, a very youthful look. I will be ordering more in other colors!

Carol Androphy – Delray Beach, FL


Love my camiband. My favorite ways to wear it are to give length with a pretty edge to shirts and to give a low-cut top some lacy interest.

Lisa M. Geller – Merrick, NY


I ordered my Camiband a couple of weeks ago. Within minutes of placing my online order, I had a question. I thought, "This is Saturday afternoon, I'm sure there will be no one to speak to." I called anyway and Holly personally answered, and she immediately (and very patiently) took the time to clear up any potential concerns. Within days, my Cambiband arrived, and it is fabulous! I ordered a M/L, and I would say the sizing is true, definitely NOT on the small side. I am looking forward to the new spandex Camiband, and will no doubt be ordering! Thank you.

Karen Erickson – Des Moines, IA

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